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InstaHospital - Readymade website for Hospitals
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Readymade website for Hospitals. As you are aware, hospitals keep adding facilities, expand their operations to different departments & hire new doctors all the time. So you need a website that can be easily managed by you without going to your designer for every small change or page inclusion. InstaCMS offers you a simple, yet comprehensive solution.

Exclusive Features:
Dynamic pages
Industry pages Includes web pages like about us, patients information, services to help you provide information to patients and visitors.
Doctors Dynamic module to add unlimited doctors profiles and their photos in your website. Edit, activate or deactivate profiles anytime.
Departments Dynamic module to add, edit, activate or deactivate departments in your website.
Procedures Dynamic module to include all the procedures you handle. You can classify it by departments too
Facilities It is important that you highlight your facility to patients, add all your facility along with images
Contact and Enquiry forms Add patients testimonials & display them online. This will enhance the hospitals offerings among patients.
Industry News & Articles
News and articles Make your website more attractive with News and articles from your Industry. You can create them easily and make them available in Home page and in your News and Articles page
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery InstaHospital comes with a dynamic photo gallery. You can add photos with comments and display them online to your visitors.
Contact forms:
Contact and Enquiry forms InstaHospital readymade websites comes with an enquiry form and a contact us form for visitors and patients to contact you through email.

Website Management:
Managed Hosting
Managed webhosting InstaCMS package includes fully managed web hosting. Hosting your website, 24-7 site monitoring, periodic backups, software updates, latest anti-virus etc to ensure your site is up, running and safe.
E-mail Addresses
Email Accounts Create up to 10 e-mail addresses for your account such as info@my-business.com, myname@my-business.com. Want more email accounts, just contact us.
Webserver Space
Web server space Create as many products, services, jobs, tours, property listings based on your package. With 1 GB of storage space you can keep creating more and will still have space left! If by chance, you use up the space, contact us to get more space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited bandwidth Let Bandwidth not constraint you from getting more visitors. InstaCMS offers you unlimited bandwidth to ensure unhindered scaling up!
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization InstaCMS SEO experts help create your title, keyword and description the first time you launch your site. You will be able to edit them anytime. InstaCMS will also submit your website to major Search engines and web directories like Google, Yahoo & Bing once your site is deployed.
Web Statistics
Web Statistics Get exhaustive statistics of your website including monthly and daily history of Unique visitors, number of visits, page views, hits and bandwidth. Statistics are available based on country, peak hours, browsers etc too. This is powered by Awstats through plesk.
365 days support
Support Our support team is available through the year & will handle your requests at the fastest possible time.
Data Security
Data Security InstaCMS servers are mirrored with Raid 1 & your data is backed up periodically in secure backup drives. It is protected by hardwall firewall & latest anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Additional Features:
Custom website design
Custom Design Looking for a Custom template with unique design, layout and fonts. InstaCMS offers custom design option at just USD 200, a one time payment for creating your unique design.
Custom Design Do you conduct periodic medical camps. Then you can opt for the Camps module at just USD 4 (INR 180) extra per month . You can display all photos taken at various camps to your visitor.
Content Writing
Custom Design Do you want professional web page writers to write content for your website? - Contact us and we will assign an expert for you who will write content for all your web pages.